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About Us - The "Fuels from air" company

Overview of Air Fuel Synthesis

Air Fuel Synthesis is the specialist "Fuels from Air" company, focusing on the use of renewable energy to add value to non fossil based carbon dioxide. Whilst other companies consider the sequestration of fossil CO2 into storage our solution avoids the use of fossil fuels and creates carbon neutral fuel loops.

The AFS ethos is very much about sustainability both for the investor to make a commercial return and to make a very positive global contribution by ensuring there is a continued supply of oil based products once availability of fossil oil becomes a serious problem.

AFS has a small team of first class chemical engineers, scientists, and business managers with proven commercial expertise. The company operates from central location at Loughborough, Leicestershire with the pilot facility being developed at the research facilities at Wilton on Teesside [ photos of whittle farm and Wilton site]

The Air Fuel Synthesis business and strategy is currently focussed on developing a 5 litre per day demonstration unit at Wilton and developing a business plan which will help the company implement its concept world wide. The business is currently adequately equity funded and seeks further investment from additional like minded champions of the long term vision of a technology that can replace oil and support a sustainable world.

The Air Fuel Synthesis Process

The AFS system uses renewable energy to capture carbon dioxide and water from the air, electrolyses the water to make hydrogen and reacts the carbon dioxide and hydrogen together to make hydrocarbon fuels.

The AFS process is driven by renewable electricity and the overall process of carbon dioxide capture, fuel production and fuel combustion will be carbon neutral.

What is more, all the components of the AFS system already exist either as demonstration models or are available off the shelf. Although the company is talking to many technology developers about opportunities to create IPR and know-how.

But the best news, as far as renewable energy enthusiasts are concerned is that the manufacture of AFS fuels is unrestricted by price of raw materials, geo or local politics, and is unaffected by issues of land use or food availability.

AFS needs to develop relations with technology partners and financiers to establish large scale supply capabilities to support uptake of the AFS approach.