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Below are several videos with more information about AFS, our mission and our vision for the future of fuels.

AFS announces proof of petrol from air at IMechE conference

AFS recently attended the IMechE conference on Air Capture, where our CEO, Peter Harrison revealed that petrol is now being created using CO2 capture from our demonstration facility on Teeside. This video shows Peter Harrison explaining a little about who AFS is and Tim Fox explaining what his thoughts are on the AFS Technology.

19th oct ITN news at 10 "petrol from Air"

Petrol 'produced from air and water' on BBC News

Fuel and time are running out: The AFS Concept

The Earth is running out of it's natural resources, and this presents a problem - so much we do in our lives relies upon the existence of fossil fuels, and as such, with the rising prices of fuel, this will cause more and more problems. AFS are working towards, and have proved a carbon neutral synthetic fuel which could, along with other solutions available, go some way to solving the dependence upon the declining resources our planet has available.

Professor Tony Marmont's concerns about the environment

Tony Marmont explains his concerns about the use of fossil fuels and talks about the alternative power that is available or soon will be available. Then goes onto mention Air fuel synthesis (AFS) as an alternative.

Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) Tony Marmont discussing renewable energy

Sustainable transport fuels produced from atmospheric carbon dioxide and hydrogen

Air Fuel Synthesis (AFS) Tony Marmont - The alternative (part2)

More information from Tony Marmont about AFS and renewable energy