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Technology involved in creating carbon neutral, sustainable fuel from renewable electricity

Our proven demonstrator unit shows that AFS renewable fuel technology is practical and viable. The investors who have funded our increasingly successful liquid fuel demonstrator programme have a long-term vision of a green, environmentally friendly technology that can replace fossil fuels and support a sustainable economy and society.

As our operational experience and expertise develop we – and our customers and partners - are increasingly well placed to mitigate against ever-rising fossil fuel prices, energy security concerns and climate-changing carbon emissions.

The Air Fuel Synthesis process 


The AFS system uses renewable energy to capture carbon dioxide and water from CO2 point sources, though we have also proved our ability to take CO2 from air. We electrolyse the water to make hydrogen and react the carbon dioxide and hydrogen together to make liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

The AFS process, which provides a carbon-neutral, sustainable fuel alternatives to fossil fuels, is driven by renewable energy. Thus the overall process of carbon dioxide capture, fuel production and fuel combustion is carbon-neutral and is already a commercially-viable alternative fuel source  for specialist fuel markets such as motorsports.

What is more, most of the components of the AFS process exist either as demonstrations or are available off the shelf.

But the best news is that (once the capital investment is covered) the manufacture of sustainable, carbon-neutral AFS fuels is unrestricted by the price of raw materials, geo or local politics and avoids the land use or food availability issues that affect biofuels. Thus fuel production costs are low and predictable for the life of the plant.

AFS is developing relationships with renewable technology partners and financiers to scale up its operations and accelerate the pace at which commercial, renewable and sustainable plants are established. This will deliver commercially viable, carbon-neutral and sustainable fuel using renewable energy sources, rather than fossil fuels sooner – with early benefits in energy security, carbon footprint and first-mover advantages for early adopters of the technology.

Visit our Timetable page to see how we are taking the concept of sustainable fuels for future generations to market, and the motorsports page to see how our fuels are a great replacement to current petrol.