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Supporting renewable, sustainable AFS fuel

AFS is already working with a number of leading renewable energy, motorsports and traditional businesses and organisations that recognise the end of the cheap fossil fuel era brings tremendous opportunities – and risks that can be mitigated.

We are developing the carbon-neutral liquid fuel technology supply chain and our ability to resource commercial and technical aspects of the business to help implement our business plan and market our carbon-neutral, sustainable fuel.

Companies interested in pioneering practical applications of carbon-neutral fuel technology (and providing themselves with price-predictable fuel sources), developing integrated renewable energy systems, manufacturing high volumes and high capacity hydrogen electrolysers, CO2 release electrolysers, gas storage, and fuel manufacturing units all have significant roles to play and we welcome serious partnership enquiries.

AFS is interested to hear from potential partners who share the vision of creating a sustainable alternative for fossil fuels.

Please contact +44 1325 247 910 to discuss mutually beneficial opportunities.